Golf games using poker chips

Golf games using poker chips best offshore gambling sites The object of the game is to have as many green chips as possible by the It is important to remember that at each hole a BLACK (bad) chip can be passed from golfer to golfer, this is the fun of the game. with each birdie, overall score etc. This 8 chip game begins by golfers agreeing on a value for the poker chips before teeing off on the first hole. Each player begins the round with no chips. Golfers. Bring all of the fun and excitement of Las Vegas to the golf course with the Vegas Golf Group Poker Game. This chip set includes 3 positive chips (Birdie, One.

Golf games using poker chips -

If it is a positive chip it is your responsibility to ask for it. A Sand chip is given to a golfer when they hit the sand at a hole, if another golfer hits the sand at the same hole the chip is given to that golfer. The object is to end up with as many positive chips and as few negative chips as possible. The more chips, the more opportunities and the more fun. If the chip is in your pocket at the end of the round then you owe every player in the gave whatever the value of that chip was determined to be. If they do not, you get to keep it in your pocket.

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