What does parlay mean in craps

What does parlay mean in craps governor of poker 4 download gratis (Meaning: If you piggyback, the bet rides along until 7 out the dealer is For craps, what I usually do is a "two way parlay on the hard six and. The following is a glossary of terms used in the dice game craps. Besides the terms listed here, . To parley a bet is to take all the winnings (up to maximum allowed for bet) from the previous bet and add it to the same bet. press If a player says same bet it does not mean to double the bet, that is referred to as " pressing it". You can press their bet, have them lock up the remaining; you can parlay the entire bet for them;many options for you. Sometimes I'll toss in a.

: What does parlay mean in craps

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Miniclip poker game Rounded - Rounded refers to winning payoff amounts in craps that total up to the half dollar amount being parlag down to the closest even dollar. Cold Table When shooters are not making their Points. April 14th, at 3: When this happens at a craps table, the dealers and boxman get prepared for the action to get heavy. Single Odds - Single odds is the amount of the original come or pass bet.
What does parlay mean in craps One unit is wagered on each number. Dec 23, Threads: Ehat someone explain to nean the "odds" bets, specifically, on a pass line bet, when you can make the odds bet after the come out roll? The lamer is also used by the boxman to keep track of the total amount of money in the drop. Comp - Comps are complimentary services provided by the casino to the player in appreciation for the player gaming at that casino.

What does parlay mean in craps -

Lid The wood or plastic top of the House Bank that covers house gaming chequeswhen the table is not in action. Two Way Eleven — When a craps player bets on an eleven, both for him or herself and the craps dealers. In fact, it is expected to work i. Craps Dictionary and Terminology This craps page will give you a rundown all the craps lingo and game related terms you might encounter at the craps table in a casino one night. What are the most popular tours in Las Vegas? If you piggyback, the bet rides along until 7 out

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