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Runescape blackjacking ahk roulette table game rules AHK Scripts. Press to blackjack, qwe to pickpocket, = to pause the script ( can also press to unpause it), zxc to drop empty jugs. Just kidding, of course I played RuneScape & Blackjacked for 15 hours straight. 15 hours of blackjack with no AHK idk how you do it man. posted in Questions & Money Making: Does anyone know a guide to set up mouse keys for blackjacking? I have read about AHK, what is this.

Runescape blackjacking ahk -

Press 2 when you reach the Blood or Soul altar. Look what grinding Mousemove, 0, 36, 1, R return c:: Right click the salamander, press 1, 2, 3, and repeat! I have read about AHK, what is this legal? Figured since I use ahk quite a bit, and some people can't code though the ahk api is balls easy to learn , I'd give you guys my scripts. As with all thieving methods, bringing along food will only benefit you.

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